Friday, December 28, 2007

The King is dead, long live the King: Do not boycott or cancel the elections

In the history of nations there are some defining moments. The murder of Ms. Benazir Bhutto has landed us at one! With her murder, we as a nation have been shocked to our core. We have been through the worst of times. Now, my dear friends is the test of our steadfastness and resolve. Humans no matter whom are mortal. Leaders come and go. The test of the nation is how they survive their departures.

There will be those who will advocate the boycotting or the postponement of the January elections as a protest against the assassination of Ms. Bhutto. That will be a folly.

We must hold the elections and let the system work. Let us put our trust in the people in this grave crisis.

If there are elections' boycott or if the elections are postponed then it will only create opportunities for more chaos and allow the powers that be to fuel the fire even more.

Lets hold our nerve and do the unthinkable. Lets have the elections. The PPP knows what its leader stood for. Her policies and priorities are all known. They should immediately elect a new leader and contest the elections on the agenda set by their ex-leader.

The PPP has done its homework and is ready. It was BB's decision to contest the elections. Even she would not have allowed her party to boycott the elections. Let us honour her memory by taking part in her most cherished ideal, namely the political process.

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