Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bhutto's assassination: who were the Brutuses and Mark Antonyes?

Ever since I have heard the news of late Ms. Bhutto's assassination, I have been puzzled as to why in the world she would expose herself to danger by coming out of the roof of her vehicle? This is a million and a half dollar question.

BB understood the risks. She understood the danger and she took all the precautions. She was not naive, she was intelligent. How could she be so naive to fall victim to such an amateurish plot to assassinate her?

The plot was quite simple as it appears from the media reports: make her feel good by a successful day, relax her, let her come out of the rally feeling relieved, stop her by gathering pretending PPP workers pleading for her to come out of the car, and if she comes out attack her.

The question is: was there a Brutus within her vehicle who convinced or urged a reluctant and fearful Bhutto to stand up in the vehicle?

I am willing to bet my life that there was.

So who was it?

We know who were in the car: Naheed Khan, Amin Fahim, a security expert and the driver?

So who was it? Who took Caesar to his death? There are witnesses. We can ask them. Who was susceptible to the lure and greed for money and power? What conversation took place in the vehicle before Bhutto stood up?

Brutus might have thought that he or she will be the beneficiary of Caesar's death, but not to be and Mark Antony took the benefit. Will our Brutus meet the same fate? I guess he or she will.

The Mark Antony will emerge soon. Make a speech of a demagogue and then lead the PPP to the elections.

Will the masses accept that that non-royal Mark Antony as their new leader is a moot question.

I have my doubts.

The royals are well advised to take care!

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