Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random thoughts!

(1) What is common between 'War on Terror' and 'Balls Scratching'?

The conditions that both of these actions are meant to improve, namely, terrorism and itching are worsened by these vary actions. Terrorism increases when people are targeted by the strong arm of the government and the bacteria (or whatever other organism causes the itching) spread to other parts of the skin when the scratching fingers touch other parts of the skin! Actually, the bacteria strategically causes itching to prompt the humans to transport it to new colonies where it can prosper again! Perhaps terrorists do the same!

(2) Do we get the top award for being the best at the Funerals?

Our whole society and polity is all about funerals! As a political aspirant I was expected to do only one thing with full vigour and zeal by my constituents namely to attend funerals! I was at pains to explain to them that it was not my area of strength and I could better spend my time by doing more useful things for them such as policy planning, thinking through the problems they face and highlighting their problems and solutions in the media. But, no funerals take precedence.

What about our leaders? Whenever people die through terrorism or other negligent governance, what is the only thing our leaders in the government and in the opposition are capable of doing? I will give you a hint: it is clear that they cannot govern or devise solutions. Well, they attend funerals! They do the 'Fateha'! And, they make sure they are pictured in doing so!

What was the whole of the leadership of Pakistan Peoples' Party doing after the 18 October 2007 Karachi blast? They were attending funerals and doing 'Fatehas' including the 'gaibana types'. I was flabbergasted. Wasn't sure why these people are not doing anything concrete to help the victims and their families and not concentrating on devising strategies for preventing such incidents again. But hey we are good at funerals and Fatehas so lets just keep doing those, Allah will take care of the rest.